Friday, July 13, 2012

Makala is Wow!

To everyone who was a part of the Adoptive Parents Network, my friends--old and new, and to those who doomed her future it is my pleasure to Update how my beautiful daughter Makala is doing!

Reading this blog can be rather painful--for me or anyone else who may stumble upon it. I have not updated it very much during the past few years--because I was not sure what way the story might go. Life became real--and I needed to make choices that affected each one of us. Sometimes the story does not go the way we want to write it.

This is what a mother wishes for regardless of what the world--or our child tells us along the way!

I do not regret any choices I have needed to make in order to be the mother I know that I am for my children. I would not change my choice to become the mother of special needs siblings--way back in 2003!

I do not regret rejecting the kinds of attitudes, forms of treatment or ignoring the judgments of those people around me--or around the world! There is no One Right Way to be a mother--or a wife--or a woman. I know that for myself--and for my daughters. My dream is only for each of us to be our best make our own dreams the reality.

Makala is 14 years old. She will start high school this fall. She has become a beautiful and articulate young woman. She has values and opinions. She has style and class. She is a wonderful daughter. Not perfect but, neither are her mother's! The best dream we can have is a safe life and a strong spirit. Makala has that today.

By the age of 14 it can be rather clear what kind of person one will strive to become. Of course there are still risks for any teenager but it's usually pretty clear by now what the issues might be. I see Makala as a young woman who wants to have a positive life and impact on the people around her. She has very much learned to control the anger that is within her. She has overcome so many things that once cause her rage and uncontrolled emotions. She has a self-control in that area we could all learn from.

If RAD can be healed I would claim today that Makala's RAD is very much in the past. We have managed to overcome this issue between us. To me that is the most amazing thing to realize.

I can say--I look forward to the next few years of Her Life!

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